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If you are planning a trip to Bangkok, or any other destination in Thailand, make sure to visit Pattaya City. Less than two hours from Bangkok, Pattaya is a tropical beach resort town that is everything you think of when you say the words, tropical paradise. Shade yourself under the swaying coconut trees that line the white sandy beach and clear tropical waters. Spend a day parasailing, or rent bicycles and explore the area at your leisure. Pattaya offers a night life comparable to Bangkok with many Beer Bars and Go Go Clubs with top notch Adult entertainment. Many beautiful young ladies with long shiny black hair and golden skin await your arrival

 There is no place on earth like Pattaya. The tropical feel, modern conveniences, and easy to reach location makes it the perfect place to vacation no matter what you need. Relax and forget there's a world, shop, or party until you drop - this small beach town has it all and more. Pattaya also boasts to having the oldest and original all Female Impersonator/Transvestite Theater called Tiffany's Show. The sets and costumes are as breath taking as the lady-boy performers themselves. A show at Tiffany's is a must when visiting Pattaya. The American dollar is strong in Thailand, it's about 40 Baht to the American dollar. A nice room at the Nova Lodge is about $20 a night, includes use of the pool, and an amazing breakfast with everything you'd ever want. Pattaya is magical. Please click the links below to read more about this amazing vacation spot under the sun, what to do when you're there, and how best to get there.

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Nova Lodge The Nova Lodge is right on Pattaya Beach. Easily walk to all destinations, restaurants, beer bars, Walking Street, Go-go clubs, shopping, net cafes. The grounds of the Nova are possibly one of the most beautiful on earth. Tropical trees, swimming pool, back yard with water fall and pond, and just beyond the gate, the beach. Every morning until 10 AM there is a buffet of fresh fruit and American style breakfast for each registered guest. All this for about $20 US per night. You will know you have been in paradise after you are spoiled by the luxuries of the Nova Lodge, Pattaya. Spend at least a week, two if possible. You'll love it. I never wanted to leave, and can't wait to return.
Tiffany's Show I have seen many shows all over the world, I have been to the Paris Opera, and I've seen many Broadway shows in Manhattan, but nothing even comes close to the sets and costumes you will see at Tiffany's Show. It is a must to visit this cabaret when one is a tourist in Pattaya, Thailand. Bring the whole family for an evening of international song and dance. Extravagant sets and costumes seem to endlessly change with every musical number. Tiffany's is a spectacle that cannot be seen any where else in the world. The show boasts of having the most beautiful female impersonators in the world, and it's true, you won't believe your eyes. Bring a camera because they allow still photos during the performance, or get your photo with your favorite performer after the show! A great night out in Pattaya, don't miss this one. See photos, just click above.
Central Com Pattaya When one needs internet connection in Pattaya, not all places are the same. They all charge about the same rate, but most places have a very slow connection speed, so in the long run you end up paying a lot more than you'd expect. We found a little place about two blocks from the Nova Lodge on Second Road that had a fast satellite connection. We could get on line, read our email, check our on line banking, and get on with our vacation fast because of the great service Central Com Pattaya provided us. The best part is, because of the high speed internet access, we paid less and got more done. Click the link above for a map of Central Pattaya with the location of Central Com.
Pattaya Massage There is nothing like traditional Thai Massage. After a long flight pamper yourself at one of the many spas. Feel your tension go away while your body is worked from toes to head. The girls are trained in ancient Thai massage techniques that have made them famous world wide. Regular Thai massage runs about 250 Baht per hour. That's less than $10! There are also sensual massage parlors where one can be soaped up and massaged by the masseuse's entire body. Fees are according to girl and your desires. Either way, it's an experience that can only be found here in the land of smiles. Everyone should treat themselves to a vacation in Thailand. It's really that good.
Pattaya Beer Bars Across from Pattaya beach are many Beer Bars. They are outdoor bars with thatched nipa hut roofs. The girls work behind the bar selling drinks. You may sit down and offer to buy a drink for one of the girls if one strikes your fancy. After the drink if the two of you hit it off, you can offer to pay her "bar fine". The bar fine is simply a fee one pays the bar in order to take the girl off their premises. She will not be attracting customers and selling drinks, so you need to pay the bar to make up for the loss while she is away. Most often the bar fine is about 500 Baht. The fee to spend some time with your new lady friend is negotiable between you and her. Depending on the season, the fee should be anywhere from 1000 to 3000 Baht for the traditional "short time" of about 2 hours. The two of you can return to your hotel, the girl will need to leave her ID at the desk, and then you are free to enjoy in one another for whatever time you have agreed on. See for yourself! Take a moment to watch the YouTube video of the Beer Bars of Pattaya, Thailand.
Go-Go Girl Clubs are similar, but a lot more aggressive. Girls will sit on your lap, put their arm around you and ask you to pay their bar fine. They can be very hard sell, no pun intended. The Beer Bars tend to be a lot more laid back, still again, no pun intended. Both are a fun experience, and different people are drawn to different surroundings. The girls dance at the Go-Go clubs, and they wear little tags with numbers on their skirts. If you see a girl you would like to buy a drink, you can tell a bar tender or the Mama San which girl by using her number. Go-go bars are usually air conditioned, and that can feel nice on a hot Pattaya evening.
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